Overview: Jones Valley Trail Extension

Running through the middle of Birmingham, Jones Valley Trail has grown in popularity as residents and tourists alike spend time in outdoor destinations like Railroad Park, Rotary Trail, Sloss Furnaces, and the Pepper Place Market District. Commuters also frequent the trail to cycle, walk, and run between Birmingham’s eastern, western, and downtown communities.

Jones Valley Trail Extension will pick up at 32nd Street South near Marx Brothers and tie into 41st Street South in Avondale, providing a safe, multi-use trail for existing users and a new outdoor destination for individuals living in, working in, and visiting Greater Birmingham.

Jones Valley Trail Extension is part of Jefferson County’s Red Rock Trail System, a growing trail network facilitated by Freshwater Land Trust. The trail extension follows a number of recent trail openings, including Rotary TrailKiwanis Vulcan Trail, and the High Ore Line to Red Mountain Park connection.

Initial Renderings

We are working with landowners, Avondale businesses, and the City of Birmingham to finalize a multi-use trail design that is safe, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible to all residents.

Once Jones Valley Trail Extension is complete, we anticipate an increase in annual trail users and economic investment along the trail extension. Already, businesses are planning upgrades and beautification projects along their properties in anticipation of the extended trail.






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